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Autism in the Classroom Kit in a bag

Especially useful for those on the autism spectrum, those with social communication difficulties and those with English as a second language. Help children to communicate more effectively, to make better decisions and to understand what is happening next, routines & sequences.Over 90% of children are visual learners and up to 97% for those with social communication difficulties and yet we tend to use our voices far too much. This kit responds to children and young people who are visual...

Behaviour Fan Set of 10

10 x Social Communication FansThe Behaviour Fan helps you to support children's understanding of appropriate behaviour. Use the traffic lights to indicate 'green' well done, 'amber' think, 'red' stop.Ask the child to think about what should happen next by saying sorry and being friends. Use the thumbs up and star petals to praise appropriate action and reinforce the resulting positive behaviour.Fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall by 45mm at their widest point.This...

Dyslexia Kit in a Bag

Help children understand the choices they have in relation to their emotional response.Dylexia is estimated to affect 20% of the population, 4-6% severely. It is not gender specific and is often mistaken as a condition affecting a person's academic ability. What does this mean for us? Generally in each class of 30 we would expect to see 5-6 pupils with dyslexia. Most classes will have 1 or 2 children who struggle and may have a diagnosis leaving a further 3-4 students with difficulties that...

Emotions and Anxiety Kit in a Bag

Help children understand the choices they have in relation to their emotional responseChildren struggle to make sense of the world around them especially when they are upset, embarrassed, feel confused, are worried or anxious or when someone has made them angry or cross. This set provides a wide range of practical resources to support emotional understanding and empathy with individuals or group work.Use to support children to make the right choice - allow them to use the resources to tell you...

I Feel Expressions Fan Set of 10

Help children identify expressions and what feelings they represent10 x Social Communication FansUse this visual communication symbols fan to help children identify their own and others' feelings.Useful to use after incidents, during social stories or when discussing emotions in circle times.Fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall by 45mm at their widest point. This item is not a toy and should be used under supervision.

It's Too Sensory Description Fan Set of 10

Help individuals who experience sensory overload to tell you how they are feeling10 x Social Communication FansThis visual communication fan is used to support individuals to communicate how they are feeling in relation to sensory overload and communicate their sensitivities.Fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall by 45mm at their widest point.This item is not a toy and should be used under supervision.

Positive Behaviour Kit in a Bag

A range of practical resources to support behaviour in the class and playground. This kit has been put together with the most popular resources to support children who need a little support to help their behaviour. The majority of children are visual learners, yet we often manage behaviour by using our voices. Children may not hear exactly what we are saying, or lose part of the sentences especially if they are stressed. This bag contains over 200 visual Widgit Communication symbols and a range...

Positive Praise Fan Set of 10

Give children praise for behaviour you would like repeated 10 x Social Communication Fans Having a 'well done' or 'star' sticker is good but does not tell the child what they are being praised for. The Positive Praise fan helps to reinforce positive behaviour and helps the child to feel good about themselves. When this happens they are more likely to repeat the positive behaviour they were praised for. Fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall by 45mm at their widest point....

Positive Social Rules Fan Set of 10

Encourage understanding by offering positive rules 10 x Social Communication Fans It's easy to say no, don't or stop. Use this fan to provide a visual clue to tell the child what you would like them to do in relation to social rules and instruction in a positive way. If a child is shouting, use the 'use you indoor voice' symbol or if a child is taking turns then use an appropriate petal and pass the fan backwards and forwards between the children when it is their turn. This fan can really help...

Social Skills Bingo

Support children and young people to deal with social situations and understand the meaning behind words and actions This resource has been designed to improve children and young people's social skills by asking them to consider a situation or action and decide what response would be the most appropriate from the choices provided. Once the young person has agreed the response to the situation they cover over the situation with the response and go onto the next one. There are four different...

Talk with Teddies Classroom Communication Kit

Help children to communicate their feelings and emotions as well as understand social rules and acceptable behaviour We all know that children who happen to be on the autism spectrum find transition and change hard, or find it difficult to understand the unspoken social rules. We also know that the majority of children are visual and kinetic learners, yet we tend to use our voices to give instruction or ask for compliance. The Talk with Teddies kit helps children understand concepts in a visual...

Worry & Anxiety Toolkit in a Tin

A programme teaching young people aged 9 and over to manage their own anxiety and worry. Lots of techniques to use on their own when they begin to feel worried printed onto a fan to keep in their pocket or bag. CD-rom with printable resources. Instruction book and over 80 question petals on 6 fans to initiate conversations about the individual is feeling. Anxiety is common in young people and without support can lead to illness and depression. This anxiety and worry kit uses the principles of...


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