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102 Creative Strategies for Depressed Children and Adolescents

A Practical Resource for Teachers, Counsellors and Parents By Donna Strom, Kaye Randall and Susan Bowman Depression can have many harmful and even devastating effects on the lives of children and adolescents. It can derail school performance and lead to social and family troubles. It can also have harmful effects on a young person's physical health. This book is a practical resource that includes a variety of strategies (including reproducible worksheets) designed to use with primary and...

A to Z Thinking Warm-Ups

Includes CD containing ready-to-go worksheets By Steve Wayne A to Z Thinking Warm-ups provides teachers with fun, fast and easy-to-use alphabet activities that will engage and motivate students of all levels. The activities can easily be extended to develop creative and critical thinking skills, and incorporate multiple intelligences. They can be used individually or in pairs, groups or as a whole class to encourage collaborative and cooperative learning. A to Z Thinking Warm-ups consists of...

Activities For Building Self-Confidence

A collection of activities and games to promote self-confidence and enhance self-esteem in young people By E A Morris These activities recognise that self-confidence and self-esteem are interrelated. They can be used to create a programme for developing self-confidence in young people and include ways to help them: Learn to focus and concentrate Pay attention Learn to speak up for themselves Acknowledge what they have already learnt Accept praise and appreciation To accept and give compliments...

Activities for Developing Thinking Skills

Creative and critical thinking by Bess Wellner and Jan Yoder Activities for Developing Thinking Skills provides instruction and suggestions for the explicit teaching of thinking skills to all students. It provides a balanced approach to creative and critical thinking, developing both divergent and convergent thinking skills as part of the thinking process. The book is divided into two halves each having four sections as follows: SECTION 1: PRODUCTIVE THINKING Fluency Flexibility Elaboration...

Activities for Mentoring Young People

Activities to engage with young people to improve attendance, time management, study skills, positive thinking, conflict resolution and anger management

By Stephanie George

Engaging with young people as a mentor can be difficult but Stephanie George draws on years of experience to provide tried-and-tested activities that will help. The activities provide specific structured tasks that can be used during mentoring meetings and to support mentoring intervention. The activities will build...

Activities for Social & Life Skills

Cards of games and activities that are not only fun but will also develop social and life skills at the same time

By E A Morris

The carefully selected games involve role-play situations, discussion and working in groups.

?They include:

Getting to Know Me Game - works on improving relationships, communicating better, facilitating interaction
Be a Detective Game - works on improving relationships, communicating better, thinking skills and giving feedback
The Who I Am Game - works on...

Activities to Help Young People Build Character

Character-building activities for all professionals working with young people

By Stephanie George & Jeba Begum

Focus on character building with these activities which cover:

Target setting
Learning character/ behaviour
Assessing situations
Changing perspective
Positive outlook
Raising self- esteem
Building self-endurance
Personal gains
Personality test
Overcoming weaknesses and building strengths
Removing barriers

80 pages,...

Activities to Help Young People Deal with Anger

How to address issues relating to anger and conflict using a mentoring approach

?By Stephanie George

These activities have a particular focus on developing skills for managing anger, conflict and relating to others. They provide specific, structured tasks that can be used during one-to-one mentoring intervention and for group work.

The 20 activities include:

My Anger Triggers – For students to recognise the initial signs of anger and identify some ways of defusing the emotion of anger....

Activities to Help Young People Deal with Bullying

This book is ideal for anyone working with young people who want to address bullying issues

By Stephanie George, Patricia St Louis, Jeba Begum & Jacqueline Morrison

This book of 56 activities will help professionals to work through bullying issues with young people and address the underlying causes. The content covers: · The impact of the group · Belonging · Social settings · Norms · Values · Peer groups · Friendships · Power · Isolation · Responsibility · Restorative work · Conciliation...

Activities to Help Young People Deal with Decisions & Choices

Practical activities to support professionals working with young people who wish to focus on making decisions and choices
By Stephanie George & Patricia Andrews-Wardell

There is real pressure on our young people in modern society – social media, telephones, internet, friendships, peer groups, parents, school demands – and pressure can come in many forms and affect many areas of their lives. When pressure leads to poor choices and decisions this can have undesirable consequences for...

Activities to Help Young People Deal with Stress & Anxiety

Young people will gain an understanding of stress and anxiety and learn coping strategies with these activities

By Stephanie George

There is a lot of pressure on our young people: media, social media, telephones, internet, friendships, peer groups, parents, school demands, exams and teachers. When pressure turns to stress it can be difficult for young people to manage during what is for them a time of intense physical and emotional change.

This book is intended for use by those working in a...

Anger Management Discussion Cards Secondary

The perfect way to help young people talk about anger-inducing situations and how they would cope

By E A Morris

Choose from more than 40 scenarios to allow young people to open up about situations that are likely to make them angry. Users pick a card and discuss that scenario, either one-to-one or in small groups. The facilitator can turn the conversation onto the user’s beliefs and values that are being challenged by the situation suggested on the card. This can be followed up by role-play...

Anger Management Programme Secondary

Session plans to control students' anger effectively

By E A Morris

This anger management programme draws on research about the development of emotional and social intelligence which indicates that a well-balanced and emotionally mature individual will be capable of greater academic achievement since they are not psychologically involved with inner tensions and emotional turmoil.

To achieve emotional maturity this programme teaches:

Impulse control...

Assessing and Developing Self-Esteem Ages 11-16

An easy way to explore a young person's self-esteem, their sense of self, belonging and personal power.

Ages 11-16

By E A Morris

With this resource a self-esteem indicator is used to explore a young person's self-esteem, their sense of self, belonging and personal power. Its key features are that it:

Provides a quick and informal assessment
Offers a practical facility for reassessment
Has age-related activities designed for individuals and whole classes
Includes planning support for...

Being Part of a Group - Poster

Being Part of a Group requires you to take perspective of others! By Michelle Garcia Winner A group exists whenever two or more people come together. Groups form around a purpose (a class at school, a hiking group) and some groups are more about just "hanging out" in a non-structured social way. No matter why we come together, being part of a group requires us to be social thinkers. We use our social skills to co-exist in those situations—even when we're not interacting with the people...

Beyond Anger Management

Session plans to improve communication and assertiveness

By E A Morris

Anger management involves steadily increasing the level of maturity a young person has with regard to both managing their emotions and being skilful enough to negotiate and collaborate with others in order to get to a win-win situation where both parties feel satisfied enough with the outcome. This manual offers a structured programme to achieve this.

Being able to choose an assertive behaviour option allows young people...

Blob Anxiety Book

Essential visual tools to help people discuss and manage their anxieties

By Pip Wilson & Ian Long

Feeling anxious is a normal human response, but there are times when these feelings overwhelm us. This book provides a number of visual discussion sheets and cards to help individuals, small groups and larger gatherings share their anxieties through using visual prompts and sensitive questioning.

Themes covered include:

What causes us to worry
The anxiety cycle
Physical signs of...

Blob Bereavement Book

A series of reflective tools to help everyone through the process of grief

By Pip Wilson & Ian Long

For many people, losing a loved one is one of the most challenging emotional periods of their life. Grief is a process that can take months and even years to work through fully. This set of visual materials has been devised to help people of any age to reflect upon a wide range of traumatic experiences. Topics covered include:

Illness • A Car crash • Murder
• Suicide • Loss of a child •...

Blob Posters

Four posters to help children talk about specific emotions

By Pip Wilson and Ian Long

Blobs are a way of communicating using two of the first languages that we learn as children – body language and feelings. Before we can speak, before we can write, we have all learned to read the signs in our parents' faces, and appreciate being held and hugged. This means that Blobs are an all-age resource. Ian has used them in schoolwork with children as young as four who have already begun to recognise...

Blob Themed Trees Book

This innovative visual tool applies to many of the most emotive topics of today

By Pip Wilson and Ian Long

Blob themed trees covering a wide range of emotionally important discussion topics, including:

• Mental health

• Gender

• Power

• Terrorism

• Disability

• Anxiety


• Pornography

• Empathy

• Globalwarming

• Emotional intelligence

This set of photocopiable sheets will enable individuals, small groups and larger gatherings to consider the topics from a feelings’ perspective...


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