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Navigating The Zones - A Pathway to Self-Regulation

Navigating The Zones - A Pathway to Self-Regulation


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Navigating The Zones - A Pathway to Self-Regulation

Based on The Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers. Intended to be used by and with individuals who are already familiar with Zones concepts, vocabulary, and curriculum. Navigating The Zones is NOT intended to be a stand-alone tool to teach The Zones of Regulation framework

Navigating The Zones is an interactive teaching tool designed to help individuals learn about the problem solving process inherent in self-regulation and gain knowledge about self-regulation skills and strategies taught within The Zones of Regulation curriculum. The colourful Zones Navigation Board illuminates a linear sequence (a pathway) and visually guides individuals in understanding that self-regulation is not "one thing" we do, but is a combination of mental and emotional processes that encompass considering the situation we're in, how we're feeling, and finding tools and strategies to regulate our behaviours.

Group collaboration and problem solving is a significant part of the journey in Navigating The Zones. Participants work together, under the guidance of the Adult Facilitator, to support each other and reach a shared goal. They can offer each other help, ask questions, suggests tools and strategies, and more - so that as a team, everyone is successful and the learning is rich!

Materials are adaptable to the learning needs of participants. This flexible teaching tool can be used in a therapeutic or non-therapeutic setting, in a classroom or a living room, by parents, educators, aides, counsellors, clinical therapists, behaviourists, psychologists, social workers, etc. Adults (and participants) must already have a strong working knowledge of the concepts and vocabulary in The Zones of Regulation curriculum book to use this product successfully.

How it Works
The core teaching tool in Navigating The Zones is the interactive Navigation Board, which illustrates the Zones Pathway on each of the four coloured Zones.

Participants take turns placing cards on the Navigation Board in a structured sequence on the Zones Pathway (Situation-Feeling-Tool) that helps them problem solve through emotional self-regulation. Once these three cards are played on a pathway, the turn-taker then talks out or role plays the Situation and Feeling, and explains how the Tool (or strategy) is effective for self-regulation in that instance. Participants cast their vote on whether or not the explanation makes sense, using their Checkpoint Cards. If it does, the turn-taker can proceed ahead; if it doesn’t, the turn-taker has to re-route and try the explanation again. Each time a participant successfully navigates through a Zones Pathway, he or she puts the cards on that specific Zone into a sleeve called "Destination Regulation!" These packets are pooled together in the middle of the board and the goal is for participants to support each other to earn as many packets as possible within the allotted time.

NOTE: Competition between players is not an option with Navigating The Zones, since kids often become distracted with “winning” which slows or halts the learning.

Ages 8+


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