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Social Thinking

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Tweens & Teens Bundle

  • Ages: 10+
  • Format: Bundle with Games
  • Published: 2016

  • Authors: Michelle Garcia Winner, Pamela Crooke, Dominique Baudry, Linda K. Murphy

    The social mind is dynamic. It changes and evolves continuously throughout the tween and teen years as kids begin to forge a stronger sense of self. But as they age, the social world also expands in its complexity. Expectations for how a child makes sense of the social world, socially responds, and behaves seem to suddenly shift and transform as more sophisticated social landscapes emerge on the horizon. The upshot? The older the kid, the more there is for interventionists to teach and students to learn in their development of social and organizational competencies. This Tweens & Teens Bundle showcases diverse ways to introduce and explore the multifaceted aspects of the social world based on a wide range of individuals’ social emotional learning needs and their developmental ages.

    These materials can benefit special needs and mainstream tweens and teens alike! Although these products were created for social learners with diagnoses, such as high-level ASD, ADHD, twice exceptional, developmental language disorder, etc., or are undiagnosed with subtle, but significant social emotional learning challenges, all kids are interested in learning how the social world works to help them better self-regulate to meet their social goals. There’s fascinating information in each product within this all-in-one bundle. It’s created specifically for tweens and teens about the tricky dynamics within the teenage social emotional world.

    Direct access for tween and teen readers

    For direct instruction of tweens and teens by interventionists

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