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Should I or Shouldn't I - for Primary Schools

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Should I or Shouldn't I - for Primary Schools


Social Thinking

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Should I or Shouldn't I - for Primary Schools

Should I or Shouldn't I? What Would Others Think? (Elementary School Edition) for Primary Schools

By Dominique Baudry

A game to encourage Social Thinking, perspective taking, and social problem solving in children aged 8-11.

The Should I? or Shouldn’t I? Revised Elementary Edition game for ages 8-11 makes thinking and talking about the social world fun and allows players to explore their own thoughts, perspectives, and choices within a safe and consequences-free environment. Game play offers abundant opportunities to practice Social Thinking concepts, perspective taking, and problem solving and discuss how we all affect one another. The game can help students explore how their social interpretations might impact their own actions and reactions, and vice versa. The situation cards can also be used to foster authentic discussions about social problem solving for responsible decision making. The game is based on Social Thinking concepts and vocabulary from the Social Thinking® Methodology.

Object of the Game
One player reads aloud a social situation, then all players rate their social interpretation in that situation on the new Social Interpretation Scale. Players then compare how their ratings match or don’t match those of the other players. The object of the game is to match their social interpretation rating to other players, given the shared social expectations. Players score points when their ratings match with other players.

About the Game
One of the key aspects of being a social thinker is considering the thoughts and feelings of others, also called perspective taking. Perspective taking is one of the more complex and challenging concepts to teach because it is not one skill. Perspective taking involves thinking about the situation or context, one’s own thoughts and feelings, thoughts and feelings of others, and one’s own/others’ problem solving and response choices in that context. It also involves self-awareness and self-regulation.

This game is designed to give children a fun and motivating way to discuss age-relevant issues in a non-judgmental setting. The game fosters important exploration of social situations that elementary-aged students may encounter at home, at school, and while they are out and about in the community.

The Elementary Edition game is for both neurotypical and Neurodivergent children because most students can benefit from learning about social expectations and how all of us impact one another when sharing space together.


  • Game Instructions
  • 100 prompt cards to practice perspective taking
  • 50 challenge cards that help generalise learning
  • 6 sets of Voting Cards (numbers 1-5 in each set)
  • 6 copies of the Should I or Shouldn’t I? Social Interpretation Scale
  • Teaching guide
  • Ages and Players
  • Game questions, events, and scenarios are geared toward individuals ages 8-11
  • 1 to 6 players
  • An adult facilitator (parent, educator, therapist, or other engaged adult) who guides the game and is also one of the players

Want More Cards? Check out the Expansion Pack!
Get 200 new Prompt cards and 100 new Challenge cards with the Should I? or Shouldn't I? Primary School Expansion Pack. These 300 additional cards cover various age-related situations encountered at school, home, and in the community.

Looking for something for older kids? Check out the Should I? or Shouldn’t I? What Would Others Think? Revised Edition for Teens Game and Expansion Pack!

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