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Little Stars

Little Stars

An esteem-building resource book for working with younger children


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    Little Stars

    An esteem-building resource book for working with younger children

    Games and activities to promote self-esteem in 4-7 year olds

    By E A Morris

    This resource is a collection of 49 activities and games that will build emotional foundations, promote confidence and enhance self-esteem in 4 to 7 year olds. The contents include:

    • Activities to build the emotional foundations of confidence (where children are helped to recognise, name and manage what they feel) include: A useful dictionary of feelings, The happy-sad beanbag game, The feelings thermometer, What I feel when, The masks I wear, emotion hats, Cool person of the day, I’m glad to be me.

    • Activities to build self-belief ('I am … able to learn about myself') include: Me and my shape, My body, Me and my body, Me in all my glory, Jigsaw puzzle me, All about me, What do I look like, Lollipop puppet, Paper bag puppet, Person of many parts, The things I love.

    • Activities to build self-belief (encouraging children to think 'I can do … many things') include: I Can … awards, I can do many things, Strength builder, I can make friends, Friendship circle, I am sunshine, I can show that I care, Counting my caring, Celebrity autographs, Showing the best of everything I can do, Look what I have done, Paper chains improvement, I can read, I believe I can, If I think I can, I can… I know I can!, My strengths and weaknesses, Didn’t we do well chants, Pat-on-the-back, Red ribbon award.

    • Games to build beliefs (focusing on 'I believe that life is great') include: Wishes and wants, Silent sparkles, Silent appreciation circle, Generous gifts, The rose-coloured spectacles, Warm and fuzzy circles, Blue ribbon award, I am a gift to the world, Hooray for life.
    Ages 4-7

    116 pages, A4 ring-bound photocopiable book with free CD-Rom

    ISBN 978-1-909380-57-8

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