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Social Thinking® Frameworks Collection | Practical Treatment Frameworks Set 2

Social Thinking® Frameworks Collection | Practical Treatment Frameworks Set 2


Social Thinking

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Social Thinking® Frameworks Collection | Practical Treatment Frameworks Set 2

Build social competencies with 13 more visual teaching scaffolds

Created by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke

People are complicated and so is the huge social world. Here are 13 more of our most helpful and popular teaching frameworks in a portable, user-friendly set to help social learners ages 4 – adult build social competencies across a wide range of social landscapes. Tried, tested, and perfected over 25 years, these visual supports dissect complex social concepts into user-friendly graphics and logical steps that make sense to social learners. The frameworks in this set explore perspective taking and social communication, different types of friendships, and executive functions.

Three teaching frameworks break down core aspects of play/doing an activity, dealing with boredom, and managing uncomfortable moments. Learning how to be around others and engage in social interaction is stressful; a series of frameworks guide step by-step teaching about social problem solving, how we communicate, climbing the ladder of success, and managing one’s own anxiety. These handy, two-sided visual tools include lots of helpful information for interventionists, too, including the intended purpose of the framework, step-by-step instructions for its use and how to teach it, and connections to other treatment frameworks.

Practical Treatment Frameworks: Set 2 is part of a two-set collection of 26 of our most important visual teaching scaffolds for social learning and self-regulation. After 25 years of research, teaching, and learning, we have powerful ideas and concrete strategies for helping interventionists help their social learners see and understand the social world and develop lifelong strategies for meeting their social goals.

Treatment Frameworks for Use with Social Learners and Their Original Source for Deeper Learning

  • 3 Parts of Play/Activity
  • Boring Moments: We All Have Them!
  • I Don’t Care Scale
  • 5 Steps of Being with Others
  • 6 Levels of the Friendship Pyramid
  • 4 Steps of Face-to-Face Communication
  • Ask a Question, Add a Thought
  • Solving Problems
  • Learning How to Be Comfortable with Discomfort
  • Ladder of Success
  • The Spiral of Social Failure
  • The Spiral of Social Success
  • Independence Mountain

What’s a Framework? Each treatment framework provides a kind of blueprint related to one specific aspect within the social world that illustrates the abstract social concept through a step-by-step, visual means. This collection includes a broad array of frameworks that range from assessing learners’ needs to breaking down social concepts, such as social communication, friendship, anxiety management, being with others, and many more to make the abstract concepts more concrete for social emotional learning.

When Do I Use These Frameworks? Use these two-sided visual teaching tools at home, in a clinic, or at school in one-on-one settings, in small groups, or for display in classrooms for larger discussions.

A Breakdown of What’s Inside Each Practical Teaching Framework In a portable, 8.5” x 11” format, these 13 practical, treatment framework mini-posters describe, in both words and graphics, a variety of social concepts which either help the interventionist better understand the social emotional learning abilities of a specific student, or the framework provides information which broadens the student’s blueprint for understanding how the social world works.

Each framework has a graphic front and narrative back side. The front side provides a visual framework for use in team meetings with fellow interventionists or for use with students. The back side details the purpose of the framework along with:
  • Instructions for using treatment frameworks (for assessment or directly with social learners)
  • Recommendations for age ranges that might benefit from the content
  • Examples of how the information can guide teaching to foster development of social competencies
  • Recommendations for free Social Thinking articles or webinars to expand knowledge about a particular framework
  • Recommendations for related products (books, on-demand courses, and livestream events and conferences)
  • Connections to other treatment frameworks within the two-set collection

Ages: 4 – adult

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